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The Allen Asylum Yard Display and Haunted House

Every October when the days get shorter, we open the gates of the Allen Asylum to wandering adults and children wanting to see what lies within the walls of the Asylum.  Read the story of Dr. Allen and his patients to know how this place came to be.


Matt, Amy & Ashton Allen are residents of the Bay Hill Community. They put up a Graveyard scene every year i  early October for the public to view.  A full scale walkthrough haunted house complete with scaractors, and special effects opens to the puble on Halloween and usually one other day prior to Halloween.


Come by and check us out in Early October.  The Haunted House serves as a fundraiser with donations going to the Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando.  The Allen's work with them consistently after spending 126 Days with their son in the NICU unit.

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